Jeba Waheed

BA/BSc (Hons), PG DIP, Cert in Counselling, PG Cert in Systemic Practices (Couples & Families), Level 3 – Health & Social Care & Substance Misuse Counsellor

I am an experienced Counsellor and have provided 1-2-1 supports for over 15yrs to individuals from different backgrounds, culture, ethnicities and religion with a wide range of problems ranging from lack of self esteem & confidence to maintaining abstinence from substance misuse as well as dealing with relationship issues and cultural differences. 

I have also had my own personal journey whereby I have  encountered and overcome many problems and issue which have made me into the person I am – this is why I know the importance of having someone to talk to... or sometimes it’s just about listening.... or just sitting in silence.. 

Whatever you need to overcome your issues, Aspire to Change will support you on your own journey, the good and the bad!

I have worked with couples and families experiencing depression, anxiety, domestic abuse and trauma, as well as individuals experiencing  trauma, PTSD and social isolations from family and friends.

It’s a very lonely place for people when they have no one to turn to and cannot talk about the problems they face and having someone to talk to helps improve mentality, spirituality and physical wellbeing.

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